Painting commission offerings by Katrina Slade

Cultivate a positive presence with a custom artwork made just for you.

I find great joy in creating art for a specific client. It’s like figuring out a beautiful puzzle. Taking the client’s wishes and my creativity, and putting it all together into a beautiful work of art.

I take great strides to create something that will bring the client happiness for years to come.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me. I would be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

You can reach me best at my email

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Hear what others have to say about working with Katrina

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“Katrina did such an incredible job on our daughters artwork, we are very happy with the finished product! She was very receptive to all of our ideas and put all of our inspiration together in one beautiful cohesive piece. I’m so glad I commissioned her for this job! If you need custom artwork I highly recommend Katrina for the job!“ - Caitlin Crawford, June 2018


“I am super happy with my painting from Katrina. Not only does it fit perfectly in my apartment, it is one of a kind. She also really took the time to help me pick it out!“ - Paige Venturino, November 2017


“Katrina created a beautiful piece of art entitled, 'Oh the places you'll go!' to go in my daughter's room. This piece is really meaningful to us because Katrina was able to capture our international, traveling lifestyle, our desire for our baby girl to explore the world as we have, and the excitement that we have for watching her grow and flourish. It is a wonderful addition to our daughter's room, and I'm sure that as she grows up, she will love it as much as we do! Thank you Katrina!” - Sarah Martelle, November 2017


Email me at to ask about a commission idea!