Spring Musings

Hello, dear reader! I am writing today from quite a peculiar place… an airport hotel room in Marseille. You see, I have just completed a wonderful two week holiday traveling around the South of France. It was full of many lovely moments of beauty in the countryside driving among the vineyards, wandering through ancient monasteries, and admiring the tremendous power of nature at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. However, this is Europe, and there are frequent strikes. This one-day delay in returning to my much-yearned for home is due to a dispute between the French president and air-traffic controllers. Which I am choosing to view with an abundance mindset: I get time to write about what’s new in my world of art. I have a few exciting updates to share with you.

A glimpse into my charming workspace at La Muse

A glimpse into my charming workspace at La Muse

One week of this getaway was a stay at one of my favorite places: La Muse Writers and Artists Retreat, in a quaint village in the mountains outside of Carcassonne. This was my second time visiting, and the first with my husband (who is a writer). As you might have guessed if you followed my Instagram feed during this time, it was a week of much-needed creative growth. One of the wonderful aspects of staying at La Muse is the isolation and sense-of-place. I love being in an ancient house, among a handful of other creatives from around the world, allowing myself to disconnect from daily life and devote my time to my art. A few other wonderful aspects of La Muse (in no particular order) are: taking hikes and discovering ancient stone walls grown over within the forest, the conversations that naturally occur between creative people, and exploring the nearby village of Roquefère (the prettiest village I have ever been lucky enough to visit).

I am happy that I was able to get so much done during a single week of residence. I completed a new series of paintings that are an evolution of my typical style. You can expect to see these up on my site very soon, along with limited edition prints coming to my online shop (re-launching this summer). I great feeling of accomplishment, and also forward momentum. I already have lots of ideas for more artwork.

Another project I have begun is a new painting commission. It is for a baby girl’s room, and will feature several symbolic elements from nature. I love that I get to create an artwork that will hopefully be a treasured piece for this amazing family. It’s fun to work out different compositions, color palettes, and proportions, all the while keeping in mind the family it will be owned by. I will be updating you more on this project as it continues.

An exciting ongoing project is preparing for my upcoming gallery show! My international artist group is putting on our 2nd annual exhibition, featuring an artist collaboration project and various works by 8 artists from 7 different countries. I will take my hard-learned lessons from last year’s show and be better prepared this time around. Our group is bigger and more diverse this year, which should make for a great show. The opening night will be the 26th of May in the Old Town (Altstadt) district of Düsseldorf. I can’t wait to start promoting it!

I will end on something I am currently enjoying. I love listening to audiobooks, and I have an Audible membership. My current book that I am almost finished with is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The concept is that the writer tackled several new goals each month for a year, all with the intent of giving her average level of happiness a big boost. I love how this writer is so proactive with her life, living with intention and purpose. She also does a great job reflecting on her own strengths and weaknesses, something I have been doing a lot of lately. I just might be inspired to try something similar. If you are also someone who is interested in personal growth and aren’t afraid of a bit of soul-searching, I would recommend this book to you!

Until next time…. Happy spring! Don't forget to notice the beauty of what is blooming around you.