About the Katrina Slade Shop

Muse 4 - fine art print on canvas

Muse 4 - fine art print on canvas

I am doing a happy-dance in my seat because I have achieved a BIG goal this week. As you can see by the title of this post, I have launched my online shop where customers can get inspiring artwork that will cultivate a positive presence in the home. It sure feels great knowing that I can now share my artwork with people who might not otherwise have access to it. Which is why I am writing this post, to share a bit more about myself and the stories behind the shop.

About the Artist

My workspace in the studio

My workspace in the studio

I’m a small town Oregon girl who, through unexpected circumstances, became an international traveller. My experiences traveling and living in different places around the world (for more on that, check out the About Me section of the site) have significantly influenced my artwork, as well as my outlook on life. For example, I no longer feel tied to a certain place. My home is wherever I am with my husband, which has changed throughout the years.

I am currently located in Fredericton, New Brunswick which is in a lovely little country called Canada. Maybe you’ve heard of it? All jokes aside… What I like about being here is that I feel like a secret agent. I’m an outsider, but nobody knows because I blend in perfectly. The ability to connect with the community has given be a warm sense of belonging, something I was missing over the past seven years abroad in Europe and Asia.

As a friend recently pointed out to me, I live according to my principles. I try my best to be kind and generous. I make an effort to face my fears rather than hide behind them. For example, I gave up the offer of tenure in my previous career (teaching) to fully embrace my passion for being an artist. I am so thankful every day to be able to go for my dreams.

About My Work

Artists have many different methods of working, and one is no better or more important than the other. My style of working is completely intuitive. I start an artwork from a place of emotion. How am I feeling, or sometimes, how do I want to be feeling? Just the act of being in the studio brings me great joy, so that is usually what is expressed in my work. I am doing something that makes me happy, and the final result is a happy piece. That is not always the case, but I have seen it more often than not. I use color to express what I’m feeling. I usually have an idea for a color scheme before I begin, but sometimes not.

My location has a great influence on my artwork. For instance, my favorite place is La Muse Artist & Writers Retreat which is located in the mountains above Carcassonne, France. I have had the privilege of visiting La Muse twice, and found it to be an incredibly inspiring place to work. The paintings I create while there express a sense of joy and wonder, which is what I was feeling while staying there. You will see some paintings in the shop titled Muse, which were all created in that wonderful place.

My paintings have an energy to them, sometimes quiet and peaceful, and sometimes energetic and bold. They will bring their energy into the space in which they are hung. If you are considering the purchase of a print, think about the space and what kind of energy it needs. The great thing about my paintings is they are abstract, so each person has a different interpretation.

About the Shop

All of the paintings in my shop are original by me, Katrina Slade. The prices are in USD, and shipping is FREE! At the moment, shipping is only available for US-based customers, though I have plans to expand to worldwide later. New customers get a special discount code when they sign up for my email list!

The prints are offered in two materials: fine art paper and gallery-wrapped canvas. The paper is Epson Cold Press Bright, 100% cotton fiber and 340 gsm. It has a slight texture to it (artists call it “tooth!”), which lends an artistic quality to the piece. The canvas is Epson Exhibition Matte, made from an acid-free, lignin-free, heavyweight cotton-poly blend. It is stretched on ¾” thick stretcher bars.

My printing is done with a highly-recommended company, Skyline Art Printing. They are based in Austin, Texas (a kickass city to visit) and are true professionals at what they do. When you make a purchase on the shop, your order will be sent to Skyline for printing and shipping. You will get an order confirmation from me, and a few days later (after they print it), I’ll pass along the tracking number for the shipment. You should expect your art to arrive within two weeks.

Now you know a little more about me and my shop. Thank you for reading! Have you signed up for your new customer discount code yet?