Website, Paris, and Forever

Originally published March 19, 2017 on the beta version of my blog.

I'm doing a mental happy dance because my website is finally live. I had a problem with the domain, but after some help from a colleague, mission accomplished! At the moment, I have only uploaded a fraction of the images I plan to. I have a lot more artwork to display. Life gets in the way sometimes, but it's not always a bad thing!

The past few weeks have been.... amazing! My long-distance love came to Europe for a visit, and we went to Paris for a long weekend. Quite surprisingly, we avoided the rain and managed to have a fabulous time exploring. The weekend was balanced quite well with art and wandering. I really enjoyed waking around Montmartre and stopping into little artistic shops and cute bakeries. I also loved the gorgeous covered passageways where you can find both outrageously expensive and also shabby and eclectic shops... and of course more cafes. We even stumbled upon a vintage map store, which was heaven. We ended the weekend with a quick stop in at the Louvre. It was the free Sunday, and we managed to get in quite quickly because of a time-saving tip (don't go in the main entrance!). It was a lovely weekend together. It was a bonus that he just happens to speak French. The locals treated us much more positively because of that. 

Oh, and one more thing... we decided to get married! I'll be tying the knot in a mere four months. So. Lots to plan and lots to be grateful for. The one downside to all of this is that my studio has been sorely underused, which is something I plan to fix immediately.