Buying Art Improves Wellbeing

Viewing art makes your brain feel the same pleasure as falling in love!

     The Arts have undoubtedly impacted your wellbeing at various points throughout your life. Think about your childhood joy at the simple act of coloring, or your angsty teenage obsession over certain music genres. Even as adults, we are naturally drawn to certain colors, songs, or films because of how they make us feel. We are attracted to things that bring us happiness. In this post blog, I will be explaining why visual art in particular is good for your wellbeing.

     There is potential to see visual art in any space we inhabit: on our morning commute, walking down the street, flipping through magazines or our Instagram feed. That is a somewhat nice reality, but one that is mostly out of our control. We do, however, have control over several key places, specifically our homes and our workspaces. There have been numerous studies that have proven the addition of visual art in these spaces can dramatically improve wellbeing.

     Which leads me back to my opener... how crazy is it that looking at art can make us feel as happy as falling in love?! This was proven in a study by Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at the University College London (Telegraph). After doing brain scans of volunteers who viewed art, it was found that this act stimulates the same part of your brain as falling head-over-heels in love with someone. Meaning, viewing art literally gives you a rush of dopamine, which gives you intense pleasure. So the question is: If art makes us happy, why NOT hang it in your home?

The Mood of My Art

     When I create my paintings, I usually have a specific mood in mind. I attempt to capture an impossible-to-describe feeling of peacefulness, quietness, and joy. As if I was floating in the clouds, discovering a new realm where only happiness existed. It might sounds strange to you, but that is usually my starting point.

     I try to create a sense of quiet wonder. Now, if we apply the knowledge we have learned about how art makes us happy, then we can be more intentional about what we put on our walls. If you hang my artwork in your space, it will bring that inexplicable joyful calmness that goes into each piece. And what home or workspace doesn’t need more of that?

How art can improve wellbeing at work

     Here’s some more scientific data for you… Exeter University’s School of Psychology has conducted a study that proves employees are 32% more productive when they have control over the design of their workspace (Forbes). This makes sense, doesn’t it? We are all happier when we have autonomy over our spaces, and this proves it.

     Art in the workplace isn’t just about having control over your own space. Here’s what Forbes reported about a survey conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors:

“It found that art in the workplace helps businesses address key challenges such as reducing stress (78% agree), increasing creativity (64% agreed) and encouraging expression of opinions (77% agreed).” (Forbes)

      It is quite clear that having art in your home or your workspace will bring great benefits to your overall wellbeing. Do you have art in your home to help enable the benefits you’ve read about in this post?


Why Give Art This Holiday Season

Art makes a great gift because it is so personal, from the creation of the work itself to choosing a particular piece for a friend. Receiving something so unique will without a doubt make the recipient feel very special. And since art lasts a lifetime, you’ll always share that connection.
— Jessica McQueen, Assistant Curator at Saatchi Art

     Giving someone you love original art is a way to show that you care about them. By taking the time to pick out a piece you truly think they will enjoy, you are communicating that you care about them. But you might not know how to pick out the best piece. Here are some tips:

  • Consider their personal taste. Do they wear certain colors? Are they drawn to certain styles, such as bohemian, modern, chic?

  • How are their home/office spaces already decorated? Do they have boring walls? Is there a space that is calling out for some color?

  • What is their natural mood usually like? Could they use a little boost every time they look at their wall? What emotion needs to be nurtured in their life?

  • Do they need help with decorating? Are they the type of person who doesn’t buy themselves nice things? Will they never decorate their space, unless someone gives some assistance?

     Giving an artwork from my online shop is a great gift for your loved ones! It will add a calming and joyful presence to the space, cause falling-in-love happiness, and reduce stress! My pop up gallery shop has limited quantities, so you better hurry!

Color therapy

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