My, What a Busy Month!

It appears that the last month has passed in the blink of an eye, and yet I have so much to tell you! Here's whats new in my world:

  • For my 30th birthday, my guy and I took a little weekend trip to Ghent, Belgium. I thought it would be nice to do something special to commemorate the occasion, and I count myself lucky to be living in a place that allows me to do these types of trips. It was really gorgeous weather, gorgeous architecture, and scenery. We stayed in a lovely hotel right in the center of everything along the main canal. We did a mix of sightseeing (that castle!), enjoying local food (waffles, chocolate, and beer!), and relaxing by strolling along the canals and through the old town. It was nice to have time to reconnect after a hectic start to the school year. I’m so lucky that I have some Eurowings vouchers burning a hole in my pocket (thanks to my brother and sister-in-law!), so I’ll be planning my next getaway very soon. I’d love to go back to Spain or visit Scandinavia…so many options!

  • I had a little (belated) birthday party. It was great to bring together my friends from different areas of my life. Since moving to Germany, I have found it difficult to find my own little community. I still feel like a bit of an outsider. But seeing everyone together in one apartment reminded me that the quality of your relationships is much better than having a big quantity. I am glad to have had that reminder. Side note: I decided to go all out for my 30th and get a custom cake. Many thanks to Sarah Lernout for creating the delicious cake and letting me decorate it! Life lesson: when you run out of time to do your time-intensive first idea, always go with flamingos for your plan B. Everyone loves flamingos.

  • I completed a 30-day challenge to create art everyday! I always love these types of challenges because it promotes creativity for creativity’s sake, meaning I don’t feel pressure to make something specific. I have found that this type of activity allows me to take risks and explore new ideas in a comfortable, experimental setting. So I am happy to say that I think I got a lot out of the process. I got tired of my same-old mixed media methods, so I branched out and tried some new techniques. I loved some of the results, and some not. I’m counting that as a win since it has allowed me to find a new path to art-making. I’m excited to continue exploring this path and see how my style evolves!

  • I designed a logo for a friend's brand, soon to be live on Instagram

  • I got my art up on Pinterest!

  • I got my art up for sale on Society6! Next steps are to get more art uploaded and get it on more sites that sell art. This is a big milestone for me as I’ve never had my art for sale online before. And it’s just the beginning!

  • My international artist group has begun an exciting new project involving artist collaborations. More to come with this…. :)

  • I’ve been reading a collection of essays by Brianna Wiest that I have found very thought-provoking and insightful titled 101 Essays that will Change the Way You Think. It has helped me in my continuous venture of cultivating a positive mindset. Highly recommended!



Things I am looking forward to in the coming weeks:

  • A very good friend from London is coming for a visit next week. It will be great to reconnect with her as both of our lives have changed quite a bit the past few years and a proper catch-up is much needed.

  • I’ve got a week holiday coming up! I plan on making good use of my time by getting a lot of art done. YESSSS!!!

  • In November, I will be interviewed and my studio space will be featured in a video for the German website Arbeit Auf Papier, a new website created by three art-loving ladies here that want to promote artists who work on paper. So excited to be a part of their awesome project!